Popcorn Spices

LAST CHANCE to Spice Up Your Life with Pop-a-lot Spices

Unless we find a buyer for the online business, Pop-a-Lot is closing its doors after 8 years!  So, we are selling our last remaining spices so STOCK UP!

We have limited flavours and limited quantities, so get your order in today.

Buy individuals bags at $14.95 for 200 gram or bulk up with multi-bag bundles + FREE bonus gourmet popping corn!

The difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary snack is Pop-a-lot spices, so purchase your favourite today and spice up your life.

You can check out our blog, Pop Kultcha, for the best ways to make your seasoning stick to your freshly popped popcorn.

Our spices are not only good for popcorn but can be used to transform unexciting vegetables into a more delightful dish. Foods such as steak or corn can all be flavoured with spices like Mousetrap Cheese, Sour Cream and Chives, and so many more.